Top Local Experts from RE/MAX Results

Robin Gwaltney
Robin Gwaltney PRO 1,866 points
Steve Cash
Steve Cash PRO 1,820 points
John Mazzara
John Mazzara PRO 1,774 points
Jim Berg
Jim Berg PRO 1,527 points
Mark Bartikoski
Mark Bartikoski PRO 1,498 points
Joseph Houghton
Joseph Houghton PRO 1,222 points
Steve Albers
Steve Albers PRO 705 points
Matt Engen
Matt Engen PRO 502 points
Pamela Gabor
Pamela Gabor PRO 446 points
Jon D. Jondahl
Jon D. Jondahl PRO 435 points
Kerry Hofner
Kerry Hofner PRO 388 points
Rob Davis
Rob Davis PRO 366 points
John and Becky Durham
John and Becky Durham PRO 365 points
Lonnie Larson
Lonnie Larson PRO 357 points
Sharlene Hensrud
Sharlene Hensrud PRO 322 points
Chris Long
Chris Long PRO 322 points
Tom Turner
Tom Turner PRO 278 points
Lance Watkins
Lance Watkins PRO 254 points
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson PRO 245 points
Michelle Lundeen
Michelle Lundeen PRO 242 points
Linda McCarney
Linda McCarney PRO 228 points
Steve Casalenda
Steve Casalenda PRO 222 points
Keith Eibensteiner
Keith Eibensteiner PRO 210 points
Emma Faris
Emma Faris PRO 190 points
Jerry Moscowitz
Jerry Moscowitz PRO 182 points
Brian Monette
Brian Monette PRO 170 points
Cheryl Schopf
Cheryl Schopf PRO 160 points
Paul St Andrew
Paul St Andrew PRO 154 points
Lois Marris
Lois Marris PRO 136 points
Travis Sabby
Travis Sabby PRO 136 points
Luanne Lind
Luanne Lind PRO 128 points
Lisa Vasa
Lisa Vasa PRO 124 points
Jane Q. Revsbech
Jane Q. Revsbech PRO 112 points
Jeff Jasper
Jeff Jasper PRO 112 points
Curt Lingwall
Curt Lingwall PRO 110 points
Tonya DuBois
Tonya DuBois PRO 106 points
Amy Weller
Amy Weller PRO 101 points
George Farkas
George Farkas PRO 96 points
Beth Nordaune
Beth Nordaune PRO 94 points
Linn Kesler
Linn Kesler PRO 92 points
Mara Mayberry
Mara Mayberry PRO 88 points
Dustin Kanz
Dustin Kanz PRO 83 points
Stephanie Gruver
Stephanie Gruver PRO 82 points
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns PRO 75 points
Annie and Bob Pacieznik
Annie and Bob Pacieznik PRO 72 points
Jill Lingwall
Jill Lingwall PRO 50 points
Frank Armstrong
Frank Armstrong PRO 50 points
BrendaT PRO 47 points
Chris Lutter
Chris Lutter PRO 45 points
Lori Reinalda
Lori Reinalda PRO 43 points
Heather Foss
Heather Foss PRO 20 points
Curtis Bechthold
Curtis Bechthold PRO 19 points
Gina Dumas
Gina Dumas PRO 18 points
Janice Aasen
Janice Aasen PRO 15 points
Scott Gwaltney
Scott Gwaltney PRO 15 points
Ron G. West
Ron G. West PRO 15 points
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