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Maryland Ave East, North End

44.9767143724785 -93.0941830391143
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"Maryland Avenue....definately not East coast as its name sounds!"

I live near Maryland Avenue, and am so happy I don't live ON Maryland Avenue. There are always unmarked squad cars awaiting, or police cars, ambulances, or fire trucks screetching down the street, sirens a blaring! It is a rough street, many times a year it is shut down because of a police raid, or search, so much fun being in the east side!

However there are several parks along Maryland Avenue in St. Paul and at least one lake that I know of, Lake Phalen.

There are several newer developments along Maryland including several new stores and stores in the process of being built. There is just about every fast food resturant you can think of located on Maryland as well as several smaller hole in the wall type resturants!
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